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We work with tennis clubs around the UK to keep improving the quality of their coaching and variety of services they offer.

A tennis club is one of the oldest and best ways to improve your game and enjoy competing against other players. Many of the Premier Tennis coaches and staff team have grown up playing regularly at their local club and discovered a passion and love for the sport that has continued into later life.

At Premier Tennis, our goal is to serve tennis clubs - whatever their resources - by raising the bar in the delivery of their tennis programmes. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of club members, we offer a managed solution designed to improve multiple aspects of club services and member outreach.

Premier Tennis has partnered with several clubs in the UK to improve their coaching and services for members. In some cases it has also helped grow their membership with outreach strategies. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Research amongst members to identify requirements, successes and opportunities for improvement  
  • Recruitment, training and mentoring of coaching teams
  • Design, delivery and on-going monitoring of tennis up-to-date programmes for all ages and abilities (tots, mini tennis, cardio tennis, tennis express, holiday camps, private lessons, groups, leagues and ladders etc.)
  • Promotion and administration of programmes for existing members
  • Marketing support for new members
  • Linking with local schools and other stakeholder groups to present the club and deliver tennis to new audiences
  • Sharing of best practice
  • Regular reports to Tennis Committee/Club Board
  • Presentations and sharing of insights to members

In any partnership, timing is important. The opportunities to discuss partnering with Premier Tennis might be:

  • When searching for a new head coach
  • In anticipation of or following a facilities upgrade
  • When appraising current tennis programmes
  • In order to energise and mentor the existing coaching team

At Premier Tennis, we are passionate about tennis and proud to have a team that has held management and senior coaching positions at a variety of well-respected tennis clubs. We’d love to hear from you to talk tennis!

Are you looking to introduce tennis coaching at your club or improve your existing programme? If so, get in touch and we will call you back, or call us on 020 3900 1662.

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